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A message from Roger Phillips and all of us at Rogers Plants.

AS FROM FRIDAY 31st MARCH 2017 THIS WEB SITE WILL BE CLOSED We opened this site in September 2004, with an ambition to have an international mushroom site that would be an important aid to identification. It drew on the text and photographs from my two main books "Mushrooms" (covering northern Europe) published by Macmillan (ISBN: 9780330442374), and my volume on American Mushrooms now published by Firefly, (ISBN: 155407651X), both are still in print.

OUR APP "Rogers Mushrooms" will still remain available for iPhone and Android.

It is with very great sadness that we have to make this move to terminate the site after all these years. I thank all the loyal supporters and contributors. Good Hunting!

Roger Phillips 15 March 2017
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Don't forget our sister sitesRogersTreesandShrubsDon't forget our sister sitesRogersRoses
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