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Welcome to Rogers Mushrooms, the perfect reference tool to learn about and identify fungi, including mushrooms, truffles, puffballs and brackets. The site offers detailed information on 1,660 species of fungi located across Europe and North America compiled by expert mycologist, Roger Phillips and colleagues. The site has over 3,000 descriptive images showing specimens in various stages of growth and from different perspectives to aid identification. The site serves an active community of mushroom lovers so please feel free to upload your own pictures to the site. Roger Phillips is one of the world’s leading mushroom specialists, with over 40 years’ of expertise of studying fungi in the wild. Roger is considered a pioneer in the use of photography to help identify mushrooms and his books on the subject are considered the essential mycological encyclopedia for mushroom enthusiasts. Roger also has a mushroom identification smartphone app, and two other websites, Rogers Trees and Shrubs, and Rogers Roses. You can purchase any images on this website by contacting Roger Phillips directly.
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Don't forget our sister sitesRogersTreesandShrubsDon't forget our sister sitesRogersRoses
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