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Rhodotus palmatus.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Rötlicher Adernseitling, Rózsás tönkgomba
Rhodotus palmatus Mushroom
Ref No: 9253
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Rhodotus palmatus  001 Mushroom
Ref No: 23984
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Inedible
fungus colour: Red or redish or pink, Orange
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Convex to shield shaped
stem type: Lateral, rudimentary or absent
spore colour: Pink
habitat: Grows on wood

Rhodotus palmatus (Bull. ex Fr.) Maire syn. Pleurotus palmatus (Bull. ex Fr.) Quél. Rötlicher Adernseitling Rózsás tönkgomba. Cap 5–10cm across, convex then flattened, horizontal, clear pink at first later peach to apricot-coloured, distinctly wrinkled, margin inrolled; pellicle gelatinous, thick and tough, entirely separable. Stem 30–70 x 10–15mm, white to pinkish, covered in white fibrils, curved. Flesh whitish tinged pink to orange. Taste bitter, smell pleasant. Gills paler than the cap, interconnected. Spore print pinkish. Spores subglobose, finely warted, 5–7um in diameter. Habitat on elm logs or beams. Season early autumn to winter. At one time rare, but due to the abundance of dead elms now becoming quite frequent. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe. The second photograph comes from Ted Green, many thanks Ted.

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David Whalen (United States) - 05 June 2015

Found this beauty today
Rhodotus palmatus  001
Zoran Tasovac (Canada) - 01 July 2014

Found on hardwood log (well rotten, so educated guess) in Dundas Valley Conservation Area.
Rhodotus palmatus  001
Ivan Teage (United Kingdom) - 12 September 2011

Small specimen, 2 cm cap, showing characteristic 'guttation', London.
Rhodotus palmatus  001
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