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Inocybe hystrix.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Borzas susulyka, Rauber Risspilz, rauher Risspilz, Scaly Fibrecap
Inocybe hystrix Mushroom
Ref No: 8644
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Poisonous/Suspect
fungus colour: Brown
normal size: Less than 5cm
cap type: Distinctly scaly
stem type: Simple stem
spore colour: Light to dark brown
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground

Inocybe hystrix (Fr.) Karst. Rauber Risspilz, Scaly Fibrecap, Borzas susulyka. Cap 24cm across, convex or with a low broad umbo, covered in dark brown pointed, erect scales on a pale background. Stem 4080 x 58mm, sometimes slightly thickened towards the base, covered in dark brown recurved scales except for the paler apex. Flesh whitish pallid. Taste mild, smell slight. Gills adnate, whitish at first then pale clay with a white edge. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia thick-walled, apically encrusted, fusoid. Spore print snuff-brown. Spores almond-shaped, smooth, 911.5 x 4.56.5. Habitat deciduous woods, especially beech. Season autumn. Rare mostly northern in distribution. Poisonous. Distribution, America and Europe.

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