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Leucopaxillus giganteus.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Giant Funnel, Hatalmas tölcsérgomba, Leucopaxille géant, Óriás cölöppereszke, Riesen-Krempentrichterling
Leucopaxillus giganteus Mushroom
Ref No: 9444
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Edible
fungus colour: White to cream
normal size: over 15cm
cap type: Convex to shield shaped
spore colour: White, cream or yellowish
habitat: Grows on the ground, Found in fields, lawns or on roadsides

Leucopaxillus giganteus (Sow. ex Fr.) Sing. syn. Clitocybe gigantea (Sow. ex Fr.) Quél. Leucopaxille géant, Riesen-Krempentrichterling, Hatalmas tölcsérgomba, Clitocibe gigante, Reuzedikhoed, Giant Funnel . Cap 8–30cm across, flat at first soon deeply funnel-shaped, ivory finally flushed tan at the centre and often cracked or scaly, margin inrolled. Stem 40–70 x 25–35mm, whitish, tough. Flesh white. Taste and smell faint but pleasant. Gills decurrent, crowded and forked, creamy. Spore print white. Spores smooth, amyloid, 6.5–7 x 3–4um. Habitat amongst grass in pastures, hedgerows or on roadsides, often in rings. Season late summer to late autumn. Uncommon. Said to be edible, but I have not tried it. (Never eat any mushroom until you are certain it is edible as many are poisonous and some are deadly poisonous.) Distribution, America and Europe.

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James McNie (United Kingdom) - 24 October 2013

Growing in a grassy bank under willows and beech, where an old stump had previously rotted.
Leucopaxillus giganteus
Ian McMeekin (United Kingdom) - 26 September 2013

Found in field at ancient woodland edge near canterbury - never seen before. Largest 320mm
Leucopaxillus giganteus
Chloe Long (United Kingdom) - 15 May 2012

Found at the edge of deciduous woodland in Milton Keynes, UK. November 2011.
Leucopaxillus giganteus
Ashley Watson (United Kingdom) - 24 November 2011

Blaby, Leicestershire, UK. October 2011. Single specimen.
Leucopaxillus giganteus
Andrew Sully (United Kingdom) - 24 October 2011

In local woods at end of July, largest about 28cm across
Leucopaxillus giganteus
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