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Lactarius aquifluus.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Burnt-sugar, Curry Milkcap
Lactarius aquifluus Mushroom
Ref No: 9035
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Lactarius aquifluus2 Mushroom
Ref No: 9036
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Lactarius aquifluus3 Mushroom
Ref No: 9037
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location: North America
edibility: Poisonous/Suspect
fungus colour: Yellow, Brown, Grey to beige
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Convex to shield shaped
stem type: Simple stem
flesh: Flesh exudes white or watery latex (milk) when cut, Mushroom has distinct or odd smell (non mushroomy), Flesh granular or brittle
spore colour: White, cream or yellowish
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on the ground

Lactarius aquifluus Pk. syn. Lactarius helvus sensu European authors. Burnt-sugar or Curry Milkcap.
Cap 3-15cm across, convex and slightly umbonate with margin inrolled at first, then expanding to flattened or slightly funnel-shaped; dull grayish brown to fawn, yellowish, or cinnamon, often flecked with darker squamules; surface roughened, fibrillose, or with tiny scales. Gills adnexed to slightly decurrent, narrow and crowded, forking near stem; pale huffy ochre. Stem 35-70 x 12-15(20)mm, hollow, often rather long and slender; concolorous with cap but paler and with a white base; surface often powdery or slightly downy. Flesh thin, fragile; whitish. Latex watery, almost clear. Odor very faint at first, then increasing as the fungus dries to become very strong of curry powder, bouillon cubes, or burnt sugar, very persistent. Taste mild or slightly bitter. Spores ellipsoid, (6)6.5-8(9) x 4.5-5.5(7.5); with small warts mostly joined by slender ridges in a poorly developed network. Deposit whitish with slight salmon-buff tint. Habitat in moss in mixed woods. Found widely distributed in eastern and northern North America. Season July-October. Slightly poisonous. Comment The spores of this collection were rather smaller than usual, but otherwise the fungus agreed in all respects.

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