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Inonotus hispidus.   Click a photo to enlarge it.   back to list

synonyms: Almafa rozsdástapló, Pelzporling, Polypore hérisée, Shaggy Bracket
Inonotus hispidus Mushroom
Ref No: 6714
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Inonotus hispidus 001 Mushroom
Ref No: 24010
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location: North America, Europe
edibility: Inedible
fungus colour: Red or redish or pink, Brown
normal size: 5-15cm
cap type: Other
stem type: Lateral, rudimentary or absent
flesh: Other
spore colour: Light to dark brown
habitat: Grows in woods, Grows on wood

Inonotus hispidus (Bull. ex Fr.) Karst. Pelzporling, Almafa rozsdástapló (tapló) Polypore hérisée, Shaggy Bracket. Bracket 6–25cm across, 4–12cm wide, 2–10cm thick, fan-shaped, usually single but occasionally fusing with others into overlapping groups, surface felty-hairy varying from ochraceous to tobacco-brown, finally blackish and bristly. Tubes 10–20(50)mm long. Pores 2–3 per mm, circular to angular, pale ochraceous at first, later brown and glancing in the light. Spores rust, subglobose, 9–12´4–10m. Habitat usually on ash but commonly on other trees such as elm, apple and walnut. Season summer but persisting on the tree in blackened state throughout the year, annual. Frequent. Not edible. Distribution, America and Europe. The second photograph has been given to us by Ted Green, many thanks Ted.

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Slobodan Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - 21 July 2011

Inonotus hispidus 001
Jo Priestnall (United Kingdom) - 27 June 2011

Same bracket 1 week later on...
Inonotus hispidus 001
Jo Priestnall (United Kingdom) - 27 June 2011

On Ash. 4Sep2009 have another one 1 week later on will upload too. The tree was cut down the day after the second photo was taken. On a roadside in Welwyn Garden City.
Inonotus hispidus 001
Marjan Kustera (Yugoslavia) - 02 April 2011

This fungus is growing on an apple three in centre of the Vranje city,South Serbia.It was quite big,about 34 cm in diameter. Photo by Marjan Kustera,Serbia.
Inonotus hispidus 001
Lynn Pepper (United Kingdom) - 04 December 2010

wow will you look at that. Taken in stone, Staffs. England. 26/11/10. before we had all the snow. wonder if it is still there. There were a few fungi on this tree but this was the most spectacular. it was quite big, about 10 inches in diameter. brilliant.
Inonotus hispidus 001
Lynn Pepper (United Kingdom) - 12 September 2010

I thought these were fantastic. They look velvety and they drip a clear liquid. They are growing on an Ash tree on the river bank. Very unusual. picture taken in Stone, Staffs. brilliant.
Inonotus hispidus 001
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